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  • Getting your message through

    Since 2012, Flo Apps Ltd has used a number of subcontractors to deliver transactional emails. These companies include Mailgun Mailjet (recently acquired by Mailgun) Mandrill (part of Mailchimp) Postmark SendinBlue Twilio Sendgrid Throughout the years, Mandrill has been our number one email provider. They did have a major blackout in February 2019 but have mended […]

  • Ready, Test, Go

    In application development changes are made constantly. To make sure new features don’t break existing functionalities, running automated tests regularly helps catch any issues early on. At Flo Apps Ltd we run weekly tests on our systems. We check out the latest changes from version control, run end-to-end and integration tests (to ensure the application […]

  • How to choose hosting partners?

    I was one of the panelists at Turku WordCamp 2018, speaking on what things to take into account when choosing a web hosting partner. Here’s some of the things I tend to compare: Support Problems raise their ugly head, sooner or later, one way or the other. It makes sense to test hosting providers’ support […]

  • Data visualizations with ReactJS

    In the past two years, we developed interactive visualization tools in the CAP (Collaborative Analytics Platform) project. The project came to an end in late 2016. We have now created and published a demo, intertwining the different components developed in the project. We main tool that we used was the ReactJS library. The main purpose of ITEA‘s […]

  • Slush little baby

    SLUSH 2016 was held at Messukeskus, Helsinki on November 30th and December 1st, with around 17,000 attendees. Organizers had given a lot of attention to the environment, from eco-friendly waste management to the decorations made out of recycled materials. One of this year’s novelties was the “Speaker Studio”, a space where selected speakers talked about […]

  • Smells and sounds at the EUREKA Innovation Week

    The EUREKA Innovation Week was held in Stockholm, Sweden, in late April 2016. EUREKA is a platform which brings together industry and academia from different countries into thematic clusters to foster innovation. The EUREKA clusters are groups of small and large companies as well as research institutions who share efforts to develop new ideas and […]

  • Visualizing in Valencia

    In November I had the opportunity to travel with Tapio Nurminen to Valencia, Spain as part of the CAP (Collaborative Analytics Platform) Review organized by ITEA (Information Technology for European Advancement). We participated along with other partner institutions and presented a product demonstration we had developed for the project. For most of our stay in […]

  • HybridConf – or how to dodge the buzzword trap

    The third annual HybridConf, a web design and development event, was this time arranged in Dublin, Ireland. The two previous events have been held in Cardiff and Stockholm. The core elements of HybridConf are inspiration, motivation and collaboration, and that truly showed. HybridConf was really able to take advantage of its small size by providing […]

  • From a student into an employee

    June is long gone and my summer at Flo Apps is nearing its end. At first sight, not much has changed — I’m still looking at the same screen as 3 months ago. But even though sometimes the Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair, sometimes it’s progress that lies in there, and that’s how it […]

  • Build & pack tools for AngularJS and React

    AngularJS and React are two popular frameworks used for JavaScript projects. While both of them have their benefits and drawbacks when starting a new project, how demanding is it to set up a development environment to begin using them? In this post I briefly explore some of the existing boilerplates or startup kits and compare […]