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Cool D3 Visualizations from 2013

April 22nd, 2014

Here’s a selection of some cool D3 sites from 2013 – explore and enjoy!

Rank and Files, SEC fillings for humans shows in a comprehensible way the cryptic SEC fillings of companies. For example, the number of people who own shares in a company and the relation of their shares in other companies.




Selfiexploratory features an interactive search for self-portraits based on location, age, mood and several other filters that are visualized as maps and histograms. The lower part shows the actual photos. The site’s main page shows some interesting conclusions, e.g. women are more likely to take a self photo.

selfie_1 selfie

Taxrates comparison for US Companies plots the data and the story behind the tax rate of US companies. The companies are colored and clustered according to the tax rate value, and hovering over each will show further details.


MiseryMap, overlays the main US airports on the map with weather data and compares the number of flights on time (green) versus delayed (red). When hovering over an airport the routes to the connecting airports will appear colored with the same red / green scheme. Clicking the doughnut chart shows the delayed flights and allows the user to see detailed information about the flights. On the bottom of the screen there is a “play” button that animates the last 48 hours.


Google Music Timeline visualizes the main music categories over time. While hovering the mouse over the area chart, album covers appear on the lower part of the screen. Clicking on the albums take the user to Google Play store. When searching for a term another chart plots the popularity over time and link the albums.


Wind maps Based on an earlier visualization of US wind map by Martin Wattenberg and Fernanda Viegas located at , Cameron Beccario visualized the winds for the rest of the planet. One can drag the Earth around and center the map on the desired location. The colors and the animation are self-explanatory.


Drone attacks in Pakistan animates a set of drone strikes in Pakistan and counts the number of victims, categorized into “Children”, “Civilian”, “Other” and “High Profile”. Hovering over an event shows further details.


The Refugee project, shows a map and a timeline and the countries refugees are fleeing from, encoded as circles. Hovering over a country shows further details such as numbers and the countries the refugees are fleeing to.



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Cool D3 Visualizations from 2013
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