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Experiences of working at Flo Apps Ltd

March 12th, 2015

I began working for Flo Apps as an intern in April 2014. These past 10 months haven’t felt like an internship though because I was treated like an actual employee right from the start. I’ve gained lots and lots of experience in different techniques, tools and workflows that are important in this industry. I have been given a good amount of responsibility which has been challenging but at the same time very rewarding. It’s always good to feel like you’re work effort has a meaning even if you’re an intern. That has helped me keep the focus on my tasks and develop not just web but myself too.


During the first few months of my internship I was given a task to enhance Töissä.fi data visualizations. I had a little experience on data visualization and its techniques and libraries, but I was able to improve my skills with independent problem solving through trial and error. During my work to enhance the visualizations I was responsible for being in touch with the client, listening to their needs and adjusting my work to meet the requirements. So I could say I kind of acted as a project manager. The new versions of the visualizations were launched in early autumn.

Another data visualization project I worked on was the interactive map visualization in Kuntanavigaattori.

I’ve also been able to improve my WordPress skills. I’ve worked on a few WordPress sites by doing maintenance tasks, problem fixing and enhancement. During the last few months I’ve also been templating a few of our new WordPress projects such as YJY. I would say that the knowledge of different content management systems is vital to a web developer these days, and it’s been really good to get to know WordPress better.

Part of my typical work day also revolves around FloMembers, our membership management software. I’ve been involved in the development of the software and answering the customers’ daily support requests and helping them find a solution to each problem they might have.

You can always educate yourself to a certain point at school, but it’s a whole different world when you’re working with real-life projects and real-life customers to account to. These 10 months have given me a good overview about the industry and I look forward to improving myself and continuing my work at Flo Apps.

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