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Inspiring D3 Cases for 2014

September 18th, 2014

Earlier this year, we published a blog post on the best D3 visualizations of 2013. Here’s another post, this time listing some of the most inspiring D3 resources we have seen this year.

A sea of Tweets
Real time visualization of tweets and followers from selected italian politicians.
Sea of Tweets Sea of Tweets

Italian election campaign funding
This site is in the Italian language, but the visualization speaks for itself regarding the total amount of campaign funding over years. Blue color represents private donations and red color is for public funds. The three vertical columns below represent private donors, parties and elections. While hovering over one donor / party / election the money flow will be visualized with a Sankey diagram.
Italian election funding

D3 in 3 dimensions
Eye catching tri-dimensional visualization. The demo contains 100 area charts done with D3 that are rendered in space using three.js. Best of all, the code is available on GitHub and the article itself contains technical explanations of how things are done.
D3 in 3 dimensions

Building Responsive Visualizations with D3.js
Technical article that starts from a default example from the D3 gallery and will make it responsive using several techniques such as: scaling with the browser window, reducing the amount of chart data for small charts (down-sampling) and removing the axes for small charts.

Rolling the Dice on US Elections 2014
This page was made by Mike Bostock for NYTimes in order to predict the elections’ outcome. It has a “spin” button with limited randomness: over 55 percent of the time, at least one of the races will be won by the opposite party.
Rolling the dice

The cost of human life
Graph shows the adjusted prices of ancient slaves, plantation-era slaves and contemporary military personnel.
Cost of human life

Flight Animation with d3.js
Technical article about combining TopoJson maps with airport locations, flight routes and a SVG plane that is scaled and rotated on an elliptical trajectory.
Flight animation

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