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SilverStripe: Crème de la crème

November 21st, 2013

When we at Flo Apps Ltd submit proposals on creating SilverStripe websites, we naturally include a short description of what SilverStripe is and what the best example cases of SilverStripe sites are.

SilverStripe LogoThe SilverStripe website includes a list of some SilverStripe users but the list is mainly comprised of sites based in New Zealand and Australia – for the rest of us SilverStripers these cases seem fairly regional and not necessarily the best ones to promote the CMS outside the South-West Pacific. The SilverStripe showcase listing includes more than 3,000 websites but many of the sites are too small and simple to really show what kind of things SilverStripe can deliver.

Earlier, the pride and joy of SilverStripe community was the 2008 Democratic National Convention. This, however, was five years ago – that’s like a century ago in terms of Internet time.

Here’s, then, the current highest traffic SilverStripe websites I’ve been able to find.

The following websites do not rank as highly on Alexa, but I would like to list them here to highlight some SilverStripe sites that stand out of the crowd for their design or subject matter.

As for Flo Apps Ltd, the most intriguing site we have built on SilverStripe is the data-visualization-heavy Töissä.fi that we created for the University of Helsinki. The site is currently available in Finnish only, but it goes to show how SilverStripe 3 can be used to deliver data-intense interactive services.

Finally, I would love to hear if I’ve missed a SilverStripe site that

1. gets a lot of trafffic

and / or

2. is exceptionally high-profile for other reasons (well-known brand, exceptional quality of the site, etc.)

I will mention these sites in our future proposals – please comment below!


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SilverStripe: Crème de la crème
What sites are the best SilverStripe showcases globally?
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