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  • Data visualizations with ReactJS

    In the past two years, we developed interactive visualization tools in the CAP (Collaborative Analytics Platform) project. The project came to an end in late 2016. We have now created and published a demo, intertwining the different components developed in the project. We main tool that we used was the ReactJS library. The main purpose of ITEA‘s […]

  • Visualizing in Valencia

    In November I had the opportunity to travel with Tapio Nurminen to Valencia, Spain as part of the CAP (Collaborative Analytics Platform) Review organized by ITEA (Information Technology for European Advancement). We participated along with other partner institutions and presented a product demonstration we had developed for the project. For most of our stay in […]

  • Experiences of working at Flo Apps Ltd

    I began working for Flo Apps as an intern in April 2014. These past 10 months haven’t felt like an internship though because I was treated like an actual employee right from the start. I’ve gained lots and lots of experience in different techniques, tools and workflows that are important in this industry. I have […]

  • Inspiring D3 Cases for 2014

    Earlier this year, we published a blog post on the best D3 visualizations of 2013. Here’s another post, this time listing some of the most inspiring D3 resources we have seen this year. A sea of Tweets Real time visualization of tweets and followers from selected italian politicians. Italian election campaign funding This site is in the […]

  • Cool D3 Visualizations from 2013

    Here’s a selection of some cool D3 sites from 2013 – explore and enjoy! Rank and Files, SEC fillings for humans shows in a comprehensible way the cryptic SEC fillings of companies. For example, the number of people who own shares in a company and the relation of their shares in other companies.   Selfiexploratory features an […]

  • We’re Hiring!

    Project Coordinator / Web Programmer (data visualization) Want to combine Big Data, Internet of Things, and Data Visualization? (that’s three buzzwords in one sentence!) Flo Apps Ltd creates cutting-edge interactive data visualizations and web services that work both on mobile devices and larger screens. We are currently four highly skilled professionals with a solid background […]

  • Visualizations in Sport

    The world of sports offers a potential goldmine for visualization experts, providing an incredible amount of data about, for instance, rankings, results, schedules, financial results and many, many more. This vast amount of data also means that, whether it is following the schedule, results and standing of my favorite Dutch football club Roda or checking […]

  • Data Visualization in the US Elections

    With the pending presidential elections in the United States in November and the ongoing campaign to elect the Republican opponent to run against President Obama, it is no surprise that in the reporting about these events there is a myriad of data visualization and related social media applications to be found, with each news site […]