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  • Generating an RGB colour scheme for a heat map

    Recently, we have been experimenting with heat maps using jjguy’s Python module, which, in turn, is based on the Gheat library. Jjguy’s script comes with five default color schemes, the same ones that Gheat ships with. While these default schemes are ok for demo purposes, we wanted to use a custom color scale instead. Being no […]

  • Different times of the day, different devices

    In June 2012, I had the privilege to attend the 4M conference on Journalism and New Media in Montpellier, France. The conference was probably the best-organized event I’ve ever been to, not least because of the flawless simultaneous translation into English. While it’s been awhile since the event, I would like to share recollections from […]

  • A short – and subjective – history of data journalism in Finland

    In many ways, the Finnish Open Data scene was born three years ago, in 2009. In April of that year, Peter Corbett from Washington D.C. made a visit to Helsinki and gave a presentation on the Apps4Democracy contest he had run in the United States. The same year, the first Apps4Finland contest took place and […]

  • Visualizations in Sport

    The world of sports offers a potential goldmine for visualization experts, providing an incredible amount of data about, for instance, rankings, results, schedules, financial results and many, many more. This vast amount of data also means that, whether it is following the schedule, results and standing of my favorite Dutch football club Roda or checking […]