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  • A short – and subjective – history of data journalism in Finland

    In many ways, the Finnish Open Data scene was born three years ago, in 2009. In April of that year, Peter Corbett from Washington D.C. made a visit to Helsinki and gave a presentation on the Apps4Democracy contest he had run in the United States. The same year, the first Apps4Finland contest took place and […]

  • Genealogy and open data – Finland, Europe and the US

    Flo Apps’ Nomen est omen, which shows you what Finnish public databases tell about your family name, has proven to receive a steady stream of visitors since its launch. Started as a trial in 2009 to show how public online data can be combined and used in novel, informative ways, it has been regularly updated […]

  • HRI interactive visualizations: some technical notes

    Flo Apps Ltd published interactive visualizations of Helsinki regional data in March. Since then, we have been asked on several occasions to shed more light on the tools we used to create those visualizations. Here we go: Bigchart The “Bigchart”, as we came to call it, uses Google Motion Chart as its technical platform. The […]

  • Five days in Washington D.C. – what did we do?

    As a lot of people have asked me how the Apps4Dev prize ceremony in Washington D.C. went in April, I decided to reflect on my and Raine Rimpilä’s experiences visiting the World Bank one more time. We flew to Washington on Wednesday 13 April. We were instructed to meet at the World Bank at 9 […]

  • Finnish Open Data Highlights

    More and more data sets are being released as open data throughout the world and Finland is steadily following pace. The principle decision by the Finnish government in March 2011 that governmental data should primarily be open, machine readable and for free will contribute to more and more data sets being released during the oncoming […]

  • Julkisen datan seminaari Helsingissä 7.4.2011

    Hallitus teki 3.3.2011 periaatepäätöksen julkishallinnon digitaalisten tietoaineistojen saatavuudesta. Tietoaineistojen tulee olla avoimesti saatavilla ja uudelleenkäytettävissä yhtenäisin, selkein ja kaikille tasapuolisin ehdoin. Periaatepäätös koskee ensisijaisesti sellaisenaan luovutettavissa olevia julkisia aineistoja, joiden käsittelyä ei lainsäädäntö rajoita. Mutta mitä se tarkoittaa käytännössä? Miten voidaan avaa julkisia tietoaineistoja? Julkinen data -seminaari torstaina 7. huhtikuuta 2011 Chydenia-talossa Helsingissä (Runeberginkatu 22-24) […]

  • Avoimen tiedon hackathon 4.12. myös Suomessa

    Avoimen tiedon hackathon 4.12. myös Suomessa